Portfolio - Quellio

Mega Coffee

The wide assortment and high position of the company on the market have put us up against the challenge of creating an image website that easily and transparently illustrates the profile of the business.

Uni Coffee

Uni Coffee is a website that is a business card for the distributor of the Triest roasted coffee brand.

Oiler Organizacja Odzysku

We have created a website in the form of one page, which is an educational base supporting thinking for the environment.


We faced the challenge of creating a website that builds the image of the company, but due to the demanding industry, the most important was an attractive and legible graphic design.


Based on the rebranding developed by Studio 102, we have created a website consistent with the new visual identity.

Studio 102

Our projects are created in cooperation with Studio 102, which is the second area of activity of 102 Group, which also includes Quellio.