Technical support - Quellio

Technical support

As part of technical support and website service, we offer:

  • Updates
    current website updates, plugins and the latest version of WordPress.
  • Anchoring scripts external services
    including Facebook, Google Analitics, Instagram, Twitter, etc. jobs.
  • Website migrations
    from one environment to another. We assure you that after migration on the new server everything will work exactly as it worked on the old one.
  • Hosting 
    we provide space on a working server with uptime (the percentage of trouble-free server operation) of 99%.
  • Security
    restoring the last properly working version of the page, backups, ssl certificates, stability monitoring.
  • Expert support
    website development, content introduction and updating, new designs and website layout, coding of finished projects, additional language versions of the site, creating own plugins
  • Help
    with any problem on your website
  • Does your website work without errors?