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Euro Styl

In 2017 Euro Style merged with the leader of the Warsaw developer market Dom Development S.A. The development of business made the company face the challenge of changing its image strategy. The implementation of the new identification system also included the website.

On the basis of the new visual identification of Euro Style developed by Studio 102, a new layout of the website was created.

The aim of our project was to preserve the construction and structure so that the client did not incur additional costs associated with the coding of the new graphic design. Thanks to that, on the basis of the files provided by us, the new layout was efficiently implemented by the programmers.

nowy layout serwisu grafika

The new visual setting and the description of the photos underneath the graphic gave the website transparency.

nowy layout serwisu desctop

The structure of the website has been fully preserved. This allowed for a graphical refresh of the site without the risk that the changed layout will make it difficult for users to move around the website.

nowy layout serwisu mobile

The graphic design of the website has been prepared for the screens of all devices, from the computer through the tablet to the phone.

nowy layout serwisu mobile friendly

In the mobile version, the project only required scaling.