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Mega Coffee

MEGA COFFEE is one of the leading suppliers of raw coffee in Poland. The wide assortment and high position of the company on the market have put us up against the challenge of creating an image website that easily and transparently illustrates the profile of the business and allows for quick contact. We have also created a graphic design of the website based on the visual identification developed by Studio 102.

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The coffee offer was presented in an attractive way by marking the place of their origin on an interactive map.

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We have created a coherent and effective design of the website, using icons and graphics designed for the company for each service area.

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The website also has a blog where we can learn more about the origin of coffees, their taste properties and how they are roasted.

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The priority was to build the website in such a way that the user could comfortably move around the site and find the products he or she was looking for.