GAIT - Quellio


The GdaƄskie Autobusy i Tramwaje continues the tradition of public transport dating back to 1873 and is the largest transport company in Pomerania. We faced the challenge of creating an information website focused on frequent updates of the content, which are attractive to a wide audience. Our work with the portal consisted primarily in the detailed design of possible paths and scenarios of the user’s visits to the website.

Due to the specificity of the website, we have created an extensive contact section, dividing it into individual areas in the sidebar containing comprehensive information. In each tab there is a customized contact form.

The website has a clear interface, allowing users to conveniently navigate the site. We have created a graphic design consistent with the idea of the website and the history of urban transport.

The portal also has an area presenting the company’s offer and presents the history of the company as a showcase of its activity.

The website responsibly adapts to all devices, which was one of the most important aspects when designing an information page.