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We are more willing to engage in topics that directly concern us. Waste management sounds far away, but getting rid of things we don’t need is something that happens to us every day. And if we were to make something so distant from something so close to everyone… of us!

The originator and organizer of the project is Studio 102 Sp. z o.o., the patron of the project is Oiler Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań i Olejów S.A. (Oiler Packaging and Oil Recovery Organization).

Our task was to transfer the idea to virtual space.

Gospodarka odpadami_zglowa grafika

Most of the available information materials do not solve the problem of products that are not segregated and processed. A walk around our house makes you aware that when making a purchase decision, it is worth choosing products whose packaging is subject to processing or reuse.

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Visualisation in the form of a house was a natural choice for us. We assumed that the whole world is located in our home. By solving a problem in a practical, cost-effective and convenient way, we can make a difference.

Gospodarka odpadami_zglowa mobile

We create something more than a one-time educational activity. A socially important project is created – a modern platform that engages recipients and partners.

Gospodarka odpadami_zglowa mobile friendly

Ultimately, _Z Głową should provide the user with ready-made solutions. The tool will take the form of a search engine, in which after entering a specific product the user will receive a list of developments with the possibility of direct contact with a verified partner. For example, after entering the word “book”, a list of all currently available forms of getting rid of an unwanted book collection will be displayed. All information, thanks to the use of geolocation, will be adjusted to the user’s place of residence, which will effectively enable solving the problem of disposing of unwanted objects.

opakowania z glowa_gospodarka odpadami

The Purchase Packaging Campaign _Z Głową is a part of an educational project _Z Głową, whose idea supports the development of the Closed Circuit Economy.

The aim of the Buy Packaging _Z Głową campaign is to divert attention away from the product and draw its attention to what it is packaged in. The perspective of packaging will allow you to make better consumer choices. Together we can reduce the amount of waste, especially since some products do not need packaging at all.

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baterie z glowa_gospodarka odpadami

The “Buy batteries _Z Głową (smart)” campaign is part of an educational project called “Buy batteries _Z Głową”, the idea of which supports the development of a closed-circuit economy.

The aim of the “Buy Batteries _Z Głową” campaign is to draw attention to the hazardous waste that is the batteries that power our devices. Every year we use 15 billion batteries. We present the types of batteries and the technology used. All in order to make informed purchases. The less batteries are sent to a collection point, the better for the environment.

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