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SPOKO – Społeczny Kosz

Another internal project of 102 Group, which required the creation of a website. SPOKO is an initiative on the social and business market of Pomerania. It was created out of the need to help others and support the activities of non-governmental organizations that engage in the creation of the social economy sector. We dealt with the complex creation of a website with graphic design, visual identification (Studio 102) and web structure. The image website has been extended by the possibility to order a product on-line.

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The website contains all the essential elements of the project, allowing you to understand its idea. We created the visual part and the structure of each thematic part in a clear and transparent way.

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The content of the website has been supplemented with graphics and animations, which illustrate the message of the entire project

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Each product has its own individual subpage with a description. Products can be ordered directly from the website.

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SPOKO – Społeczny Kosz (in English – COOL – Social Basket) is an initiative of the Foundation for Social Responsibility Development HELISA. The operator of the project, which will take care of adapting the product to the needs of business, was an experienced entity on the commercial services market – 102 Group from Gdynia, supported by the MAMYWENE Workshop. The first ambassadors of the project were the Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship Mieczysław Struk and the President of Pomerania Employers.